Cressi’s New Look

Cressi’s New Look

Cressi’s New Look

We Look to the Past and to the Future.


In order to evolve and grow, Cressi went back to the drawing board. The result is a striking new look, exciting new products and an inspired vision for the company’s future

Cressi is announcing a redesigned visual look for the company — it is one that celebrates its past, present and exciting future. The streamlined redesign reflects the evolution Cressi has undergone over its corporate history. Cressi is returning to its classic and striking triangular black-and-yellow logo that will eventually be visible on all marketing and media materials, online and in-store displays, invoices, letterhead stationery, business cards, and products and product packaging.


We are excited about our redesign. We wanted to establish a consistent look, tone and voice across all our business and communication channels. We wanted a look that would be consistent with our vision, values and future goals. Cressi’s headquarters are in Genoa, Italy, but it is a truly multicultural company, with seven Cressi subsidiaries that span the globe — the United States, Mexico, Brazil, China, Spain, France and Thailand. The redesign will be used by all subsidiaries in the Cressi family and will help consolidate our growing businesses. Though these companies are found in diverse parts of the world, the redesign will help all Cressi facilities to “speak” the same language and share our corporate mission and purpose. We want it to be recognizable worldwide and we want it to convey trust in the products we manufacture.

Author, marketer and entrepreneur Seth Godin once noted, “A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.” 

It’s as if Godin had Cressi’s corporate history in mind. Cressi’s history has been shaped by groundbreaking products, new ideas and research all aimed at contributing to the sports it develops products for: scuba diving, freediving, spearfishing, snorkeling, swimming and the most recent addition to its product offerings, Hydrosports, a complete line of inflatable standup paddle boards. Determination, enthusiasm, passion, a dedication to safety and quality, and a commitment to ocean conservation have guided the Cressi family throughout the company’s history to make the best watersports equipment in the world.





What Sets Cressi Apart From the Rest


For 70 years, Cressi is the only company in the industry that has grown as a standalone company. It has not gotten bigger by purchasing smaller brands with different brand philosophies and value propositions. In contrast, Cressi has always remained true to its original mission and standards of excellence. There is not another multinational company in the watersports industry that can match the strength of the Cressi brand.  

Craftsmanship. Innovation. A commitment to safety and excellence. A dedication to the underwater environment. Cressi was formed as a company in 1946, and had as its core principle the promise that its gear would be made to the highest manufacturing standards. It is a promise Cressi makes to every customer who considers buying one of its products.

At Cressi, products are developed, designed, tested and refined by designers, engineers, ocean ambassadors, and the heads of Cressi, CEO Antonio Cressi and Manager Marco Cressi. They all dive not only for work or as a hobby but as a way of life. This dedicated Cressi community of specialists and enthusiasts make up a critical part of the Cressi promise to its customers — every new product the company launches is tested in real-world conditions in the ocean. 

When giving feedback on products, the team communicates directly with Marco and Antonio, which is at the heart of Cressi’s value proposition — to deliver high-quality gear that the consumer can trust each and every time they explore in the ocean. It is what Cressi stands for, how it operates, and why it deserves the consumer’s business. Once a product reaches store shelves, the consumer becomes part of Cressi’s extended family. This goal is currently inspired by Antonio Cressi himself. He is the very embodiment and standard-bearer of the company’s DNA. As head of Cressi’s extended family — both in Genoa and around the world — Antonio has forged a single company from many individual parts, and thus, the different production teams are connected to a single overall vision to make the best possible products for those who are passionate about the water and their sports. It is this passion that unites the Cressi family.




Our Strong Ties to the Past 


For us at Cressi, the future in inextricably linked to the past. Our strong ties to the sea in the “Italian Riviera” region where we are headquartered has shaped us as a company. The Cressi family has more than 70 years of history producing reliable equipment and gear, taking their knowledge, expertise and personal experience in using the latest technology, materials and designs. Due to its location, Cressi is a company that is inextricably linked to the sea. Today, as in its past, Cressi continues this proud tradition of manufacturing ever-evolving products for water lovers and ensuring high standards of excellence, quality and safety in every product that carries the Cressi name.

We wanted that passion and commitment to excellence to be reflected in the branding that would signify immediately to our customers that “made by Cressi” means they are buying a product they can use to enjoy the sport they love, and most importantly, trust it to keep them safe.



What Has Changed?

The rebranding begins with the logo. We believe that by returning to and updating our historic and tradition-rich triangular logo, we are signaling our commitment to our heritage but also creating a path forward to an exciting future. The logo in itself is an equilateral triangle that evokes a sense of harmony and balance, between people, nature and water. The colors represent the color of deep water in which the little mermaid immerses herself, while she carries a yellow light because it is a highly visible color underwater. The centerpiece of the logo is a large letter C. It symbolically shows a deep connection to the underwater world, with the traditional black and yellow colors immediately recognizable as the iconic “Cressi colors.”  This triangular logo is a nostalgic nod to logos from our past, but with a fresh new look. A key change from previous versions of this logo is that the mermaid no longer carries a speargun — this way, the logo represents all the sports that Cressi makes gear for. It is immediately recognizable and clearly states: Our mission remains unchanged since 1946. When you see this logo, you know that the product is safe, reliable and beautifully designed, so that our customers can pursue the sports they love.


Why Are We Rebranding? 


Since its beginning, the company has remained an integral part of the spearfishing and freediving community in Italy’s Liguria region, where Antonio and Marco were born and raised. This region is richly steeped in maritime traditions, and some of the best diving in the Mediterranean is just offshore. Today, Cressi is one of only a few companies in the world that manufactures a full line of equipment and accessories for each of its markets. But what sets Cressi apart is that from the very beginning, its corporate mission and philosophy has been a simple one, based on its long history of being connected to the sea — the ocean as a way of life. 

Marco, the third generation of Cressi family members to help lead the company, has been involved in daily operations for more than 10 years. He spearheaded the creation of this new brand strategy that will include, among other things, the creation of a global marketing team and a brand-new company look. Marco remains committed to Cressi’s legacy while introducing his fresh vision for Cressi’s product lines and developing partnerships with Cressi brand Ambassadors who share Cressi’s values and take pride in belonging to the Cressi family. 




Cressi’s New Look Clearly States “Made in Italy”


We at Cressi are proud of our heritage of being connected and dedicated to the sea. Since its earliest days, Cressi has inspired men and women to live their dreams of being underwater explorers. The Cressi brand has been built on the dreams and passion of two brothers who wanted to make products that would let others share this passion safely and easily. We are proud of our humble beginnings and excited for our future.

Part of our new branding strategy is designed to reflect our core values, which define Cressi’s manufacturing standards, drive its innovations, and sustain its bonds with customers, suppliers and partners. It is the Cressi team’s passion, knowledge and expertise that gives deeper meaning to “made in Italy.” Our design aesthetic is equally important, as we craft products that are eco-conscious, durable and beautiful. “Made in Italy” means that we will never forget our long tradition of taking our experience, knowledge, attention to detail, and commitment to high-performance and quality, even as we have decided to update Cressi’s look.

Quality control and customer service is at the heart of the Cressi difference — high-quality gear that can be trusted each and every time it is used in the ocean or water. The new logo reflects that legacy and future commitment. 

Cressi’s New Look Is a Commitment to Product Excellence


The Cressi brand has been built on the dreams and passion of two brothers who wanted to make products that would let others share this passion safely and easily. Since the earliest days, Cressi has combined a passion for the sea with a passion for products and for the customers it serves. It remains the core value of the company’s culture today. Through cutting-edge innovation, support of elite diving and swimming athletes, and a commitment to expand recreational watersports opportunities, Cressi continues to be an integral part of the watersports-loving community. Put simply, passion is at Cressi’s core because Cressi remains at the core of the sport. 

This traditional Cressi logo sports the company’s iconic black and yellow colors, recognized by water lovers around the world. For more than 70 years, this logo has helped define what Cressi stands for. Each product line is getting an updated visual look that reflects the brand personality of the products in the line. The colors of the Cressi logo are unique for each line. The logo will utilize colors that are tailored for each line of products that Cressi manufactures. Each product line — spearfishing, scuba, freediving, snorkeling, swim, and the brand-new Hydrosports line of inflatable standup paddleboards — will carry this logo on its gear and packaging and various retail elements.




Proud Tradition: Spearfishing Line 

When it comes to spearing fish, the gear a spearfisherman uses makes all the difference in the world. Cressi makes everything the successful spearfisherman needs, from spearguns to wetsuits, dive knives, masks, fins, and more. The brand personality for the Spearfishing line will be reflected in colors that range from seafoam green to deep green/cyan. The green mimics the color of seaweed and underwater forests, perfect colors for Cressi’s spearfishing products that date back to the company’s beginnings but are always being updated, refined and improved to meet the needs of today’s spearfishermen.




For the Whole Family: Swim Line

Cressi’s Swim line is a world leader in aquatic swimwear and equipment, including suits, swim goggles, and other swim gear. Cressi is continually investing in research to develop innovative swimming gear for swimmers who just want to have fun and for those who demand high performance and quality from their swim gear. A range of light blues — think of the shimmering color of pool water — will define the brand personality of Cressi’s Swim line, which offers products for kids to adults. The color blue can symbolize many things, including freedom, imagination, inspiration, confidence, loyalty and trust, which are all things that define Cressi and its products.




Endless Summer Fun: Snorkel and Beach Line

Safety and comfort are key to having fun snorkeling, and Cressi’s snorkeling gear has been designed with that in mind. Medium shades of tropical blue will reflect the brand personality of this line. Cressi’s Snorkeling line is for those who love the shallow sea and exploring the reefs that are close to shore. 




A Passion for Exploration: Scuba Line

Cressi’s scuba gear is recognizable the world over, and it is one of the centerpieces of Cressi’s main product catalog. Cressi is one of only a few companies in the world that manufactures a full line of scuba equipment, from masks and snorkels to fins, regulators, dive computers, BCDs and wetsuits, plus a myriad of accessories. The blues of the ocean — from a bright, vivid blue to a deep cyan blue — will be the colors used to reflect the brand personality of Cressi’s Scuba line. Cyan typically represents liveliness, youth and energy, so it’s the perfect color for those who share a passion for the ocean, adventure, exploration and everything scuba. 




Testing Limits: Freediving Line


The range of blues that will be used to reflect the brand personality of Cressi’s Freediving line go from a calming teal to a meditative inky-blue. Only freedivers know the feeling of testing their limits — to push their body to explore underwater by using only their breath and the equipment that helps ensure their safety. Cressi’s Freediving products are ones that freedivers can trust with confidence. From low-profile masks to easy-breathing snorkels to high-performance fins, Cressi’s freediving products offer freedivers the opportunity to experience freedom, adventure, community, self-expression, mindfulness and personal challenge.



Expanding Horizons: Hydrosports Line


After much research, Cressi is entering this popular market with its brand-new Hydrosports product line of inflatable standup paddleboards for every type of paddleboarder and every type of use. The Hydrosport brand personality will be reflected in the use of pink-red colors which can symbolize passion. And what better color for a sport that has millions of participants? 

The Hydrosports line continues Cressi’s tradition of producing world-class products "by people who love the sea for people who love the sea." This exciting line includes a no-frills model that’s appropriate for all ages and experience levels, from children to adults and beginners to experienced paddlers. There is a model for those who want to combine standup paddleboarding with their passion for spearfishing and freediving and a model that’s designed for lengthy sessions on the water. Check out the entire line here.


Cressi Adds a New Branch in Australia

With its global network of branch offices, Cressi is able to provide excellent support to its customers around the world. Its branches are found in the United States, Spain, France, Mexico, and Southeast Asia (Thailand). We are proud to announce the opening of our newest branch, Cressi Australia. (


Cressi’s New Look Embraces the Future

The goal for our rebrand was to embrace their past while preparing for our future with a new, more modern logo design. Over the decades since 1946, we have built a strong brand and brand identity, so we wanted to make deliberate choices in rebranding. We believe our new look is unique, creative and true to our roots. It reflects more than 70 years of being the very best in the industry.


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Maitland, Florida, USA Dive Magazine Journalist, Scuba Gear Tester, Ocean Conservationist. As the editor- in- chief of Scuba Diving and Sport Diver magazines, Patricia has had a 25- year career in dive...

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