Dive Local with Cressi

Dive Local with Cressi

Dive Local with Cressi

Cressi is beginning a campaign to share with the consumers USA dive locations with the Cressi campaign  #DiveLocal.

Every week, Cressi will focus on a different American state, starting with Massachusetts as the first #divelocal exploration spot. The purpose of the campaign is to promote diving destinations that many divers use for their weekly recreational dives locally, and share the local dive location on our social media platforms, creating a specific Cressi YouTube Playlist and posting the video on our Social Media Platforms such as Instagram (160k followers), and Facebook (250K followers).

We will invest in geolocating the area with the ultimate desire to positively inspire people about diving and keep them engaged in the recreation. We want to bring more divers into our world. Creating an active local dive community and promoting through Cressi channels, dive stores and dive operators are able to provide the appropriate service. 

The main goal of this campaign is to promote the more attractive, if not unexplored, Local Dive locations; Dive Retailers and influencers are our Ambassadors of the Diving Industry and they are the heartbeat of our recreation. Be a dive ambassador for your friends, and for your local community. Promote the activity and the places you love to #divelocal the most.



Starting on May 1, 2020.  Cressi Marketing will be receiving the media material that you create to promote your local dive location. Our marketing team will edit and standardize the videos dedicated to that location. The video will be promoted on social media, 1 state video for every week. 


Please watch below a sample of the video :

- Massachusetts

- South Carolina:


See more scenes from South Carolina Diving,Visit Andrew Raak ( RaakBottomImaging) Youtube Channel 

Andrew Raak Bottom Imaging Website ➜ http://www.raakbottomimaging.com/


What we need:

An authentic good quality video, explaining the features related to the specific local dive location. We also welcome video footage of the location. Video/photo minimum requirements: If you have any Cressi apparel, please wear it; if not and you desire some of our material (please contact marketing@cressiusa.com). Please send the best quality media material you have.  If you record with your phone, ensure to share it directly from your library, that preserves the best quality video format.  Do not wear any clothes that have scuba diving brands other than CRESSI, otherwise, we will not share your material in our social media channels; Horizontal videos usually perform better. We highly recommend Wireless earbuds or microphone for best sound performance.

Please, when submitting the video provide information below:

The dive location coordinates:

Complete Address and/or Google maps location link

Schedule & Price:

If possible, provide a location schedule, and how much is the entrance fee and the services provided for the diver and for the other family members or friends that are not divers.

Ideal time of the year for diving:

Tell us the best moment of the year to dive there. Mention if there any specific regulations and what a diver could experience.

Please contact Marketing Department at Cressi [marketing@cressiusa.com]
Jennifer Chavez

Jennifer is the Cressi Americas Marketing Executive.  She is focused to work with the Cressi global team to execute integrated marketing strategies that drive growth and awareness of the Cressi...

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